The manufacturing process for extruded-through-the-weave hose doesn’t involve the use of tubes or adhesives. Instead, in a unique one step procedure, thermoplastic polyurethane material (TPU) is fed into a heated extrusion channel or barrel. As the woven reinforcement jacket is drawn through the barrel, the TPU is extruded through the weave under carefully controlled conditions of temperature and pressure. The result is a hose with a homogeneous single wall of reinforced polyurethane; smooth, tough, resistant to abrasion and weathering, and ready for heavy duty service under the harshest conditions.



Some advantages of through-the-weave TPU lay flat hose are:

  1. No adhesive is used; hence, there is no potential for the hose to delaminate.
  2. At working pressure, through-the-weave TPU hose has an elongation rate of less than 1%.
  3. Peel tests have shown that adherence of the polyurethane to the reinforcement jacket in
    through-the-weave hose is twice as strong as that of 3-Ply hose.

  4. The interior of through-the-weave hose is much smoother than 3-Ply hose, thus affording a higher flow 

Technical Data 

Inner DiameterWall ThicknessWeightBurst PressureOperating Pressure
Inch mm Inch mm lbs/ft kg/m psi bar psi bar
8 203,0 +3.0 0,16 4,2 2,09 3,10 600 42 200 20
10 254,0 + 4.0 0,17 4,3 2,76 4,10 450 30 200 13
12 305,0 +5.0 0,18 4,5 3,33 4,95 450 30 200 13

Due to research and product development technical data is subject to change