It may be tempting to buy cheaper, lower-quality fracking hoses from one of our competitors, but are you really saving money? Take a look at the bigger picture! Our hoses are built to last, giving you reliability time and time again. They allow you to provide quality service, while avoiding project interruptions and costly cleanups.

The Danger of Spills

Fracking requires heavy-duty equipment, and this includes the hoses. If you entrust your fracking operation to low-quality, cheap hoses, imagine all the trouble it will bring! The spilled water mixture of sand and chemicals, the costly cleanup process, and the time taken changing the hose, restarting the process again, and dealing with the interrupted service are just some of the effects of buying cheap hoses.

Imagining the difference makes the decision to buy a good quality hose seem like a no-brainer. Spills do not just affect the company and its workers, but most importantly, the people living in the area. Do not risk your integrity by buying a cheap hose!

Get the Most out of Your Hose

So, how much will your cheap hose would really cost you? If we are talking about figures, it varies. However, here is a short list of what you can expect to save when you buy a higher quality hose.

• Hose replacement

• Cleanup costs

• Cleanup fines

• Wasted employee time

• Lost projects due to slow turnaround

Deciding on what type of hose to use for your fracking needs may seem daunting, but with Mammoth, you will never have to worry again. We are well equipped to produce quality hoses designed specifically to meet your needs. We are also knowledgeable enough to sell you the right hose for the specific conditions of your operation. We, at Mammoth, pride ourselves on the quality of our hoses and the integrity of our team. Contact us today to learn more.

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