Field Attachable Coupling System

Mammoth Manufacturing’s Coupling Policy

There are at least a half-dozen couplings for lay flat hose on the market today. Broadly classified, these fall into two groups: Crimp fittings and bolt on fittings. It is to be expected that end users of lay flat hose will have their own preferences as to which coupling to use. And while our mission will always be to satisfy the needs of end users, our ultimate goal is to provide the most reliable water transport product at the lowest possible price. It is our belief that this can best be achieved by attaching couplings at the factory, where both couplings and hose can be tested, handled once, and delivered as a finished product, spooled and ready for immediate field use.

In order to produce a finished product at the factory, expedite deliveries, and provide for standardized inventory, it has become necessary to select a coupling as our “standard” fitting. Our choice for this standard fitting is a bolt on coupling using an “O” ring seal. Hose requiring some other coupling may cost slightly more, and could extend delivery time. The use of crimp on fittings on larger diameter hose is discouraged as we believe that imprecision in the crimping process will reduce hose life and increase the potential for connection leaks. Moreover, the use of crimp on couplings could void the hose warranty.

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Mammoth Field Adjustable Couplings


Shown above is an image of our standard bolt on field adjustable coupling.  Attached at the factory, both the couplings and the hose are tested as a single unit.


Our standard bolt on field adjustable couplings come with an “O” Ring seal.  The “O” ring in the image above has been graphically altered for better viewing.