01Dec 2014

For many families in the fracking industry, separation from loved ones is a way of life, and, at Mammoth Manufacturing, we know that it’s even harder during the holiday season. Regular phone calls, texts, and video chats can only go so far in bridging the distance between home and the oil fields. Hopefully you will have a chance to visit, but whether you do or not, here are a few suggestions to help you make their holiday a little cheerier.

1. Keep Them Warm

It can be achingly cold on the extraction field this time of year, and that makes working for long stretches of time hard and uncomfortable. Brighten your loved one’s day by sending the gift of warmth; hand warmers (especially the reusable kind) make great gifts. Thick, moisture-wicking socks and waterproof gloves to keep their hands warm while they are working are also great. How about a nice fleece or wool blanket they can keep in the truck to warm up under after a long shift?

2. Keep Them Safe

As with any industry, fracking workers face some risks. Vehicle crashes are a major concern, especially since winter usually brings an abundance of ice and snow that can create whiteout conditions or cause big rigs to slide off the road. Send your loved one an emergency kit to keep in the cab, just in case. Include things like flares, non-perishable snacks, a sleeping bag, a car charger for their cell phone, a flashlight and batteries, tire chains, a folding shovel, de-icer, jumper cables, a tarp, and some basic tools – screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and a box cutter. That way they will be prepared if an accident does happen.

3. Send Them the Comforts of Home

The holidays are often lonely for fracking workers, and coming back to an empty apartment or bunkhouse only reinforces the homesickness they feel. Put the one you love in a festive mood by sending some holiday decorations for them, old favorites or new ones the kids made are the best. You could also send treats to snack on. Instead of sending one big gift, try making up a package with a lot of little things in it, so they can unwrap something new each day and put some of that child-like excitement back in the holidays. All of us here at Mammoth lay flat fracking hoses,

We wish all of our customers, and their families, a happy holiday season!

18Oct 2014

Fracking uses chemicals and involves sensitive processes. A cheap hose is definitely a no no and the use of a quality hose is a must. The consequences of using a cheap hose can affect the entire fracking operation, so it is critical to use why it is very important to use a durable hose. If you want to know how important it is to use a high quality hose in fracking, continue reading below.

Saves Time

Using a high quality hose in fracking not only saves time, but helps your business grow. Using high quality hose makes the work faster and giving the much-needed result of faster turn around. No more delays because of cheap hose, no more added unnecessary work, and no more wasted time. You can now focus with the work itself and not if the cheap hose you use will last the entire fracking process.

Saves Money

Using high quality hose doesn’t mean you are spending more money. In fact, you are usually saving. Using a quality hose, you do not have to worry of spills, wasted work time, or buying another set of hose to use for fracking. You may spend more in buying and using quality hose at first, but at the end of the day, it saves you money more than what you’ve spent.

Mammoth Manufacturing produces quality hose that the fracking industry needs. Call us now to order!

22Sep 2014

It may be tempting to buy cheaper, lower-quality fracking hoses from one of our competitors, but are you really saving money? Take a look at the bigger picture! Our hoses are built to last, giving you reliability time and time again. They allow you to provide quality service, while avoiding project interruptions and costly cleanups.

The Danger of Spills

Fracking requires heavy-duty equipment, and this includes the hoses. If you entrust your fracking operation to low-quality, cheap hoses, imagine all the trouble it will bring! The spilled water mixture of sand and chemicals, the costly cleanup process, and the time taken changing the hose, restarting the process again, and dealing with the interrupted service are just some of the effects of buying cheap hoses.

Imagining the difference makes the decision to buy a good quality hose seem like a no-brainer. Spills do not just affect the company and its workers, but most importantly, the people living in the area. Do not risk your integrity by buying a cheap hose!

Get the Most out of Your Hose

So, how much will your cheap hose would really cost you? If we are talking about figures, it varies. However, here is a short list of what you can expect to save when you buy a higher quality hose.

• Hose replacement

• Cleanup costs

• Cleanup fines

• Wasted employee time

• Lost projects due to slow turnaround

Deciding on what type of hose to use for your fracking needs may seem daunting, but with Mammoth, you will never have to worry again. We are well equipped to produce quality hoses designed specifically to meet your needs. We are also knowledgeable enough to sell you the right hose for the specific conditions of your operation. We, at Mammoth, pride ourselves on the quality of our hoses and the integrity of our team. Contact us today to learn more.

18Aug 2014

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, uses water pressure to create fractures in rock that allow the oil and natural gas it contains to escape and flow out through a well. Fracking has been an important part of harvesting America’s oil and natural gas resources since the 1940s.

How Does Hydraulic Fracturing Work?

A slurry of water, sand, and chemicals is injected at high pressure into the ground through a drilled hole. This long, narrow hole is lined with pipe casing and cement to protect the nearby water sources. The pressure created by the slurry forces the rock below the surface to crack along preexisting faults, and the grains of sand help to hold those cracks open after they form. Any natural gas and oil trapped in the rock then flows along the fracture lines back to the drilled hole, where it can be collected using a pump.

Why Fracking?

Fracking requires only a few weeks of work, but the result will last for decades. It produces oil and natural gas that is beneficial to the country, and allows these valuable resources to be extracted from wells that were otherwise exhausted. It also helps build the local economy by creating jobs and tax revenue, and can stimulate migration, which helps to rejuvenate towns in decline. As the country develops, energy usage grows, and relying on natural gas is more cost effective and more stable than importing foreign oil.

Despite some tough issues, fracking continues to offer the most economically feasible way to harvest America’s oil and natural gas resources. Safe and responsible development is what fracking is all about. There are still many challenges facing the development of better fracking techniques, but the energy industry is prepared to meet them, ensuring that the future of hydraulic fracturing will focus on safe, reliable processes.