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For many families in the fracking industry, separation from loved ones is a way of life, and, at Mammoth Manufacturing, we know that it’s even harder during the holiday season. Regular phone calls, texts, and video chats can only go so far in bridging the distance between home and the oil fields. Hopefully you will have a chance […]

Fracking uses chemicals and involves sensitive processes. A cheap hose is definitely a no no and the use of a quality hose is a must. The consequences of using a cheap hose can affect the entire fracking operation, so it is critical to use why it is very important to use a durable hose. If you want to know […]

It may be tempting to buy cheaper, lower-quality fracking hoses from one of our competitors, but are you really saving money? Take a look at the bigger picture! Our hoses are built to last, giving you reliability time and time again. They allow you to provide quality service, while avoiding project interruptions and costly cleanups. […]

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, uses water pressure to create fractures in rock that allow the oil and natural gas it contains to escape and flow out through a well. Fracking has been an important part of harvesting America’s oil and natural gas resources since the 1940s. How Does Hydraulic Fracturing Work? A slurry of water, […]